Many Americans believe that we failed to live up to our commitments regarding the people of Afghanistan, particularly those that have helped United States forces rebuild their country over the last 20 years. As a result of the actions taken in the summer and fall of 2021 a massive humanitarian crisis looms in Afghanistan as winter is coming. There will be thousands that starve or freeze to death over the coming months. This is not a situation that we can abide so August Mission has jumped in to lend our unique talents to this crisis.

We are providing relief along three fronts: First, we are advising and assisting where possible with evacuations of Afghans whose lives are threatened by the Taliban for the work they did on behalf of the U.S. Government and our Allies.

Second, we are assisting with the resettlement of refugees; both to counties that have agreed to take refugees and to the United States for those that have some type of visa status. As part of this process, we are also assisting as many qualified individuals as we can with the visa application process- which can be lengthy and difficult, particularly since there is no longer a functioning US Embassy in Kabul.

Lastly, we are committed to getting humanitarian aid into the country this winter. The situation is becoming dire quickly and everything from fuel to rice and blankets is desperately needed.


Help us in our efforts to reduce human suffering through lawful humanitarian support, recovery, and resettlement of displaced persons, persecuted groups/individuals and those left behind.

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