| April 22, 2022

A small Utah-based nonprofit has been traveling to Ukraine refugee centers inside the war-torn country to deliver goods and necessities that haven’t been addressed by larger organizations.

“Where we see our niche is being able to get in there quickly, identify things that aren’t being done or that may not be addressed by the bigger organizations and then try to fill those needs,” Bruce Roberts, CEO of the humanitarian-focused nonprofit August Mission, told Fox News Digital.

Roberts, who served as a member of the U.S. armed forces in Afghanistan and had friends there “felt like the way that we pulled out left a lot of people behind and created a tough situation for people that we had made promises to.” In order to try to live up to their commitments, Roberts, his former interpreter and a few others “started doing what we could to help get people out and to get humanitarian aid in.”

For Roberts, it felt like meaningful work.

“After retiring from the military I felt repurposed,” he said.

When the war in Ukraine erupted, Roberts knew what the next mission was going to be…

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