FOX 13 – SALT LAKE CITY | March 26, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — SALT LAKE CITY — Leona Duval waited at the Salt Lake City International Airport terminal with her children Saturday afternoon for her husband to return from an important mission.

“Daddy was going to go out there and help them for a week,” Duval told her kids. “We knew that he was going to be okay, and he’d come home.”

The family was looking forward to some spring break travel, but just two weeks ago, Dr. Gordon Duval made a change of plans.

“I’m just in my home that’s all nice and warm with a pantry and a fridge full of food,” he said. “And [Ukrainians] have not much at all, so I felt like I couldn’t just do nothing anymore. I had to do something.”

With huge help from the community, the family raised almost $19,000 in just one week, plus they gathered another $60,000 in medical supplies, so Dr. Duval could treat orphans in Ukraine with the August Mission. The pediatrician returned home virtually empty-handed, but that’s not how he left…

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