FOX 13 – SALT LAKE CITY | June 12, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — Over the last year, August Mission, a Utah-based humanitarian group, has raised millions of dollars to help displaced Ukrainian refugees.

“The best way to help is not only to help them win the war, but to help the people that need it right now and start looking towards rebuilding now, because now is the time,” said Bruce Roberts, the nonprofit’s CEO.

Last month, Roberts led a delegation of business leaders and elected officials to meet with diplomats in Ukraine.

“All we wanted to do was bring some businesses to Ukraine and make some relationships that would drive investment, that would drive jobs, that would be mutually beneficial and that would help the people there,” he said.

Utah tech leaders, like Owen Fuller, the CEO of Marq, volunteered to make a hiring website for Ukrainians looking for remote work.

“One thing we’ve done is try to make sure people are aware that there are great Ukrainian software engineers, designers and people that have other skills that are very valuable in the world of tech, that are open for work, and they need work,” said Fuller…

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