FOX 13 – SALT LAKE CITY | March 15, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — Ukraine didn’t ask Bruce Roberts for help, but after seeing an unwanted war ravaging their country, he had to do something, he said.

“They didn’t ask for this,” said Roberts. “They got invaded. They don’t have any choices whether or not to participate.”

Two weeks after Russia invaded last February, August Mission began raising millions of dollars to help displaced refugees.

“We’ve provided doctors to help on the ground,” said Roberts. “We’ve worked with local companies to deliver mattresses and medical supplies, and we’re starting to work bigger initiatives now too.”

In addition to thousands of mattresses, medical supplies and hospital generators, August Mission has also donated hundreds of sleeping bags.

Scott Holmes, founder of Teton Sports and Chairman of the August Mission board, has opened up his warehouse for the nonprofit to continue shipping donations overseas.

“Most of us don’t wonder how we’re going to survive the winter,” he said. That’s not the case in a war-torn region like Ukraine where literally there from one day to the next they’re displaced and don’t know where to go.”

Many Americans face donation fatigue and aren’t keeping the people of Ukraine in their hearts as much these days, said Holmes.

“We get busy, we get on with our lives and we forget about it,” he said. “But the war is still going on. People are still displaced.”

August Mission hopes Utahns will join the cause to keep supporting Ukrainians, helping them rebuild their homes and return to the lives they were living.

“I think that any freedom-loving individual, you know, that should resonate with them, that message,” said Holmes.

You can get involved with or make a donation to August Mission here.

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